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Hi, I'm Harshit Chaudhari, a design student studying at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. I'm Interested in User Experience Design, Digital Product Design, UX Research & Strategy


Apart from design, I'm passionate about technology & I love exploring and learning trends in modern technology. I also

enjoy Swimming, hydroponics & building motorbikes.



ProCreator Design

UI | UX Design Intern, Jan 2021 - May 2021

Created an IA, Simplified complex task flows, Designed wireframes for construction procurement Saas product & Multilingual PMAY lottery white label solution. Built an Atomic Design System, Designed Icon Illustrations & User Interface screens for Mobile App and PWA. Optimised entire workflow to increase team efficiency. Coordinated with developers team for checking possibilities, explaining complex logics, 3rd party integrations, design hand-offs & internal product testing.

RIKU - Futuristic Labs

UI/UX Design Intern, Apr 2020 - Jun 2020

Designed questionnaires & conducted interviews of the target audience to understand the user psychology. Created a brand new information architecture with the help of psychology to convince the users. Designed a visually appealing user interface that converts into product purchases & sign-ups

Radongrow Hydroponics

Freelance Designer, 2019 - 2020

Created a new brand identity to make the brand visually appealing and build trust among new customers to boost sales. Redesigned the entire lineups packaging & made it look trustworthy, attractive amongst competitors & easily differentiable amongst multiple lineups Optimised product listings on amazon & their own e-commerce store to provide the customer with much more clarity & details.



Youtube Channel Executive, 2017 - 2018

Created promotional videos such as unboxings, product introduction & tutorials. Ran day to day operation of the YouTube channel & designed the overall look and feel of the channel. Promoted videos as youtube ads and on other social media to drive new audiences to the website.

Persona Fest

Social Media Designer, 2017 - 2018

Designed social media posts to create hype and awareness for the fest and its events. Managed various social media handles to cater to different interests & requirements. Promoting events by advertising through social media to generate buzz in different colleges.

Technonium Media Group 

CEO & Founder , 2015 - 2017

Started a youtube channel that showcased unboxing, reviews & experiences of tech products. Later on, branched to a tech-based website journal focusing on tech news, detailed reviews & blogs. Attended various tech events covering product unveiling & first-hand experience of new products.

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