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RIKU is the world’s first automatic rice and curry maker. It is designed to work in three easy steps; add ingredients, select a recipe on the app, and let Riku cook! Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence & powerpacked with a multitude of sensors, Riku learns your taste preferences to cook restaurant-quality meals at the touch of a button.


Design an experience for visitors where they understand the product & its benefits. The main objective was to convert visitors into customers.

Stakeholder Discussion

I interviewed & discussions with the CEO & marketing team to understand the company’s vision, mission, requirements & concerns for the design. User Feedback and internal feedback were cross reviewed to figure out design changes.

Analytical Review


I began analyzing website analytics to understand user pain points & behaviour on the website. Most of the visitors went from home page to pricing page without understanding the product, as the homepage was lacking important information.

User Interview

I designed questionnaires & interviewed the target audience to understand them & their pain points on cooking. I made them go through the existing website & based on that I asked questions to figure out flaws in the existing website.

Questionnaires To Understand The Target Audience & Their Pain Points

  • What's your age & gender?

  • What do you do for a living?

  • What’s your relationship like with cooking?

  • How do you currently cook food?

  • How much time do you typically spend on cooking?

  • How much money do you typically spend on buying food?

  • What is the biggest pain point related to cooking?

  • How does cooking impact other areas of your life/work?

  • Are there any products or tools have you tried out to help?

  • How did you hear about these other products or tools?

User Persona

I created three user persona categories to segregate the target audience with their frustrations & goals



  • It’s hard to manage cooking & work

  • Don’t get enough family time

  • bored with eating the same recipes everyday

  • Can’t Spend money on a cook/chef


  • To get quality time for family

  • To focus on the work

  • Try new recipes & cuisines​

Experience Map

I designed the blocks of the main landing page of the website with the help of psychology & the data collected while interviewing the target audience. I designed the flow in such a way that visitors can relate to the problem & how Riku can help them solve it.

Introducing RIKU

This is the first thing which visitors will view when they open the website. It has introduction title, product image, call to action button to pre-order or watch the video. Emphasis is given on the product image and Pre-order button.

How Will It Help Me?

This block is a glimpse of “LIFE WITH RIKU”, showing the benefits of having RIKU. It is a blog space which will have articles on cooking-related problems & how RIKU can solve those. This is an essential space for the brand to establish an empathetic platform for the customers.

How Does It Work?

In this block, I have tried to compare the conventional cooking method with RIKU, based on steps/process involved in cooking with the average time taken by every task. It also shows the life with & without RIKU.

What Recipes Can I Cook With It?

This block gives a glimpse of different dishes & cuisine categories which RIKU can cook. It also clears one of the biggest quarries of visitors, that’s if it can cook custom recipes & can they edit existing recipes.

Tell Me About Parts And Accessories.

This blocks showcases exploded 3D model of Riku where visitors can tap or hover the cursor over marked parts to reveal its functionality. They can visit the technology section to learn more about technology, which goes behind RIKU.

How Will I Control This Machine?

This block will explain about RIKU’s Dashboard & mobile application. It will also show a few features which are extra add-ons to the mobile application, like meal planning & mapping, shopping list, etc.

How Can I Buy It?

This is block will inform users that RIKU will be available soon on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo but they can still Pre-order via the current website to get super early bird discount.

Can I Subscribe For The Newsletter?

This is the last & one of the most important block which asks for the visitor’s email address to stay updated with RIKU’s launch & registering will also give visitor early access to beta mobile application.

Information Architecture



Color Palette

Web 1920 – 72.png

Font & Typography

Web 1920 – 70.png


Web 1920 – 73.png

Icon Style

Web 1920 – 74.png

Photograhy Style

Web 1920 – 75.png

Final Screens